Cemetery Statistics & Purchasing a Plot


Only permissive burial rights are sold. The cemetery retains title to the cemetery property. A maximum of twelve (12) gravesites can be purchased per household who are residents of the taxing district. Non-resident households may elect to purchase a maximum of four (4) gravesites per household. Proof of current residency is the responsibility of the applicant. A certificate of burial rights (formerly a deed) will be issued for the plots, after fees are paid in full. Certificates of burial rights do NOT convey title to the land, ONLY the right for burial of the named individual in said plot or gravesite; title remains with the cemetery. Any unauthorized or improper transactions concerning issued Certificates may render them null and void. (Reference: Cemetery Policy Manual, page 8).


Current as of July 29, 2022
Section 1 — No plots available
Section 2 — No plots available
Section 3 — No plots available
Section 4 — 96 plots available
Section 5 — 1632 plots available.¬† NOW SELLING PLOTS IN THE NEW SECTION


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To purchase plots, contact the cemetery general manager by clicking here or by calling (208) 684-3861.